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Classified Employment Opportunities

6 hour Instructional Aide - SDC  &
5.85 hour instructional aide - sdc

6 hour Instructional Aide - SDC  &
5.85 hour instructional aide - sdc

February 24, 2021
Position:   2 Instructional Aides at BES - SDC Classroom
Work Year:    (1) 6 hours/day; 5 days/week – 182 day/year - Time to be determined
                       (1) 5.85 hours/day; 5 days/week - 182 day/year - Time to be determined
Salary:    $14.13 - $15.58 (Range 2 on the Classified Salary Schedule)  This position has additional 2.5%/hr. stipend.
Start Date:    March 15, 2021
Minimum Qualifications:
PERSONAL QUALITIES: Maintain a professional appearance; meet District standards for physical and mental health; demonstrate enthusiasm for assignment; demonstrate ability to maintain cooperative relations with others.
 Graduation from high school and some applicable experience, education or training related to the program area.  Recent experience in working with children or youth groups desirable.  Applicant must be NCLB compliant prior to employment in a permanent position by meeting one of the following requirements:  1) Associate’s Degree or higher; 2) Completed two years of study at an institution of higher education (48 units); or 3) Pass local NCLB compliant academic assessment test.  Please call Donna Cyr, Human Resources Officer, if you need information about the test.
Knowledge and Abilities:
    Ability to understand and work effectively with children.  Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.  Ability to engage in strenuous physical activities.  Ability to perform simple clerical work.  Ability to type or drive if required for the particular position.  Ability to maintain harmonious working relationships with teachers, other employees, students, and parents.
    Bilingual (Spanish) preferred, not required.
Position Description:
Tutor individual or small groups of students, reinforcing instruction as directed by the teacher; monitor and oversee student drills, practices, remedial exercises and assignments in various subjects; read age-appropriate stories to students.
Provide individual assistance to students as directed; explain errors and answer questions; assist students with a variety of instructional games and activities.
Observe and control behavior of students in the classroom and during outdoor activities including emergency drills according to approved procedures; report progress regarding student performance and behavior as required; communicate with parents and administrators regarding student performance and behavior as directed.
Correct, score and record tests, papers and homework assignments; prepare homework packets as assigned; facilitate assessment testing as needed.
Provide input and assist teachers with determining student advancement through established learning programs; assist in the development of lesson plans as requested.

Oversee groups of students during playground and classroom activities as assigned; assure safe outdoor play.
Assist students with bathroom needs – change diapers, toilet training and other hygiene related tasks;
Perform a variety of clerical duties such as preparing instructional materials, duplicating and distributing materials, taking roll, and maintaining various records and files; organize materials to assist student learning.
Operate a variety of classroom and office equipment including a computer, copier, paper cutter and laminator.
Assist students with building self-esteem by providing proper examples, emotional support, a friendly attitude and general guidance.
Attend and participate in parent conferences and a variety of meetings as assigned; schedule meetings as directed.
Perform related duties as assigned.
Application Procedure:
Applicants must submit a Classified application from Biggs Unified School District, resume, at least two letters of recommendation, and verification of NCLB before the deadline. 
Application Deadline:   March 2, 2021 or Until filled 
Equal Opportunity Employer
NOTE:  We will accept the following applications at any time:  Substitute Teacher *, Coaches, and Substitute classified, such as Custodian, Instructional Aide, and Cook. We can only accept your application for a current job opening.  If you have an application on file from a previous position, you may request that application be pulled for the current position. Job announcements and applications may be obtained at the Administration Building at 300 B Street in Biggs, or All application materials must be received by the deadline.  For more information please call (530) 868-1281, X250 for the Human Resources office.

The applications for certificated and classified are on this web page.  Please see all required documents to be included with the application on the job announcement.
Thank you.
 Equal Opportunity Employer