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Classified Employment Opportunities

Sub. instructional aide pool

Sub. instructional aide pool

Work Year:  On call
Salary:   $16.00/hr
Start Date:  As needed
Minimum Qualifications:

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Maintain a professional appearance; meet District standards for physical and mental health; demonstrate enthusiasm for assignment; demonstrate ability to maintain cooperative relations with others.


Graduation from high school and some applicable experience, education or training related to the program area.  Recent experience in working with children or youth groups desirable.   


Knowledge and Abilities:

Ability to understand and work effectively with children.  Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.  Ability to engage in strenuous physical activities.  Ability to perform simple clerical work.  Ability to type or drive if required for the particular position.  Ability to maintain harmonious working relationships with teachers, other employees, students, and parents.


Bilingual (Spanish) preferred, not required.


Position Description:

Under the direction of a classroom teacher, assists in the classroom with the instruction of children as assigned.  Assists with duplication of materials, playground and lunchroom supervision; performs various clerical duties including typing, filing, copying, taking attendance; correcting tests and proctors examinations; prepares teaching aids and performs other duties as assigned or required.


Application Procedure:

Applicants must submit a Classified application, resume, and letters of recommendation. Applications may be obtained from or Biggs Unified School District, 300 B Street, Biggs, CA 95917.


Application Deadline:   Until a list has been established.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Lifeguards - Summer 2023

Lifeguards - Summer 2023

March 01, 2023

Position: Lifeguards $16.00 – 16.97 / hour  
(May be a Seasonal Position)

Start Date: Summer Season 2023

Minimum Qualifications:

Lifeguards must have or obtain prior to employment the following or the equivalent: CPR training, Lifeguard Training, and Community First Aid and Safety.

Ability to:  communicate orally and in writing; and ability to work cooperatively with other personnel and the community.  

Other:  Must be organized and have a desire to learn.  Must be responsible.

Position Description:

All guards must remain alert at ALL times.  Guard the pool and enforce pool rules.  Care for equipment and maintenance of pool area.  Perform opening and closing duties.

All Personnel may be required to do some or all of the following:  Put all equipment out in correct positions; take water tests and set chlorine accordingly; unlock front gate, monitor bathrooms, etc; answer telephone; answer parents' questions; keep food, drink and gum outside the pool area; offer assistance to instructors; keep children out of pool during lessons if they are not taking a lesson; be on watch of pool during all lessons; return equipment at end of the day; and enforce pool rules.

Tentative Schedule:

Up to 8 hours/day, summer season, time to be announced.  Tentatively Tuesday through Friday, 6 hours a day and Saturday 5 hours a day.

Application Procedure:  Classified Applications and information may be obtained from Biggs Unified School District, 300 B Street, Biggs, CA 95917 or at

Application Deadline:   Open Until Filled

Equal Opportunity Employer
NOTE:  We will accept the following applications at any time:  Substitute Teacher *, Coaches, and Substitute classified, such as Custodian, Instructional Aide, and Cook. We can only accept your application for a current job opening.  If you have an application on file from a previous position, you may request that application be pulled for the current position. Job announcements and applications may be obtained at the Administration Building at 300 B Street in Biggs, or All application materials must be received by the deadline.  For more information please call (530) 868-1281, X250 for the Human Resources office.

The applications for certificated and classified are on this web page.  Please see all required documents to be included with the application on the job announcement.
Thank you.
 Equal Opportunity Employer
Position: Gate Workers Needed (Evening Work, Seasonal Positions)
Start Date: As Arranged
Schedule: Up to 6 hours/day, and as arranged
Salary:    $25.00 per game - JV & Varsity Football
  $15.00 per game – JV & Varsity Volleyball and Basketball

Minimum Qualifications:
- Must have basic clerical skills and basic math.
- All personnel must have ability to communicate orally and in writing; and ability to work cooperatively with other personnel and the community. 
- Must be punctual, reliable, and respond to a flexible schedule.  

Position Description:  To collect money at one of the gates during home games.
Duties include:  Collecting entrance fees, counting money, completing a deposit slip, and handing money to the game supervisor at the end of the evening.  

Application Procedure:
All of the following information must be received before your application will be considered for this position: 1) classified application; 2) at least two letters of recommendation.  Applications and information may be obtained from Biggs Unified School District, 300 B Street, Biggs, CA 95917 or  

District Applicants please submit a letter of interest only (may be through email).