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Certificated Employment Opportunities

biggs high school math teacher 

biggs high school math teacher 

July 29, 2021
Salary:             $45,323 –$83,349 [Correct placement on Certificated Salary Schedule, Commensurate with post-baccalaureate units and experience.]  Full-time position includes District-paid health, dental and vision insurance for employee and dependents.
Starting Date:  August 9, 2021
Minimum Qualifications:
  • CREDENTIAL: Math or Appropriate California Credential as prescribed by law. Must have EL certification (CLAD, etc.).  We will consider an intern with verification from an Institute of Higher Education.
  • PERSONAL QUALITIES: Maintain a professional appearance; meet District standards for physical and mental health; demonstrate enthusiasm for assignment and willingness to participate in supervision of extra-curricular activities; demonstrate ability to maintain cooperative relations with others.
  • PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Better than average recommendations from student teaching supervisors and other professionals who have observed and evaluated personal characteristics and scholastic attainment. 
  • ESSA: Must meet Every Student Succeeds Act requirements.
  • OTHER: The following are preferred, not required:  Bilingual (Spanish/English); BCLAD; and coaching ability.
Position Description:
To provide math instruction for students in grades nine through twelve.  Under the direction of a site principal, principal’s designee or other appropriate administrator, plan, implement, monitor, and assess a classroom instructional program.
Application Procedure:
All of the following information must be received before your application will be considered for this position: 1) letter of application or introduction to Doug Kaelin (please indicate position); 2) Certificated application; 3) resume of experience; 4) at least three letters of recommendation or placement file, 5) and copies of transcripts, credentials, and verification of CBEST and NCLB. 
Application Deadline:    Open until filled
Equal Opportunity Employer
head varsity wrestling coach - high school

head varsity wrestling coach - high school

Salary:            $1,908 / season  
Length of Work Year:    Varies
Start Date:        TBA 
Position Description:     As Head Coach, implement a successful Varsity wrestling system, be willing to make assignments to assistant coaches, participate in evening and weekend activities, and supervise students in a firm, fair, and consistent manner as guided by the Administrator in charge of Athletics.
Job Goal:    To help each participating student achieve a high level of skill, and appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship, and an increased level of self-esteem.    
*  The ideal candidate will hold a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Math, Social Science, P.E. or Technology with English Learner Authorization.  The ideal candidate may be considered for a full-time position for the 2021/2022 school year.
Requirements for Applying:
•     Experience working directly with collegiate and/or high school (desirable) 
•     Minimum 4 years of high school coaching experience. 
•     The demonstrated ability to organize, train, direct, and motivate students and staff to achieve at high levels of athletic competition while placing an appropriate emphasis on good sportsmanship, academic excellence, positive attitudes and character. 
•     Successful experience as a Varsity Head Wrestling Coach. 
•      Knowledge and understanding of the CIF and State Federation wrestling rules 
•     A proven ability to work with and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, guardians, colleagues, administrators, booster groups, foundations, and community organizations. 
•     Must have demonstrated ability to lead young adults in an athletic setting, working knowledge of CIF rules/regulations, effective oral and written communication, and strong organizational skills.  
•      Training and/or experience in coaching theory and techniques. 
•     Training in the care and prevention of athletic injuries, basic sports injury first aid, and emergency procedures. 
•     Ability and willingness to organize and work with a booster club 
•     Ability to maintain a positive working relationship with the Athletic Director and School Administration
 •     An established ability to serve as a positive role model for student athletes and a commitment to holding all students and adults associated with the program to the same standards. 
Essential duties of this position include the following. Employees in this position perform some or all of the following tasks. Other duties may be assigned.  
•     Directs all phases of a successful wrestling program including in season, off season and summer 
•     Ability to organize and implement practice plan, game strategies and a conditioning program 
•     Develop, establish, coordinate and oversee a coaching staff at all levels 
•     Assigns duties to all assistant coaches under his/her jurisdiction; including pre-season practice sessions. 
•     Assist in recruitment, screening, training, and assignment of wrestling staff members. 
•    Instructs and demonstrates skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team achievement. 
•     Recruits athletes into program from students on campus; and promotes multisport participation of student athletes. 
•     Plans and sets-up, in conjunction with the Athletic Director; activities, practices and game schedules. 
•     Consults with Athletic Director and Athletic Administrator regarding any off-season training programs. 
•     Assess student performance and make coaching decisions without regard to outside teen youth affiliations or coaches who coach at a school and/or for a private or community club
•     Inspire and encourage creativity and enthusiasm in others. 
•     Adheres to all financial policies of the school in regard to the collection and disbursement of money, expenses, and receipts. 
•     Makes recommendations regarding the purchase of uniforms, equipment and supplies. 
•     Maintains necessary records and completes required paperwork and team statistics in a specified time and manner.
 •     Submits athlete rosters to the Athletic Administrator before the first practice, one week before the first game, any changes to student information on the roster, inventories (copy to office secretary as well), final season statistics and alphabetical list of award winner immediately following the season (list includes number of awards earned and the class of the athlete.). 
•     Ensures that proper form(s) (insurance, attendance, medical) are obtained and current. 
•     Ensures that all student athletes are eligible, insured, have paid their fees, and are in good physical condition from the beginning to the end of the season. 
•     Enforces discipline policies and emphasizes sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles. 
•     Reports and secures approval from the Athletic Administrator of all adults associated with their sport. 
•     Interacts thoughtfully and courteously with students, staff, parents, fellow coaches, and officials and resolves conflict in a professional manner. 
•     Appropriately maintains and secures confidential records and inquiries. 
•     Professionally represents the school and the District in interactions with students, parents, community, staff and the media. 
•     Attends or delegates attendance of Assistant Coach to all League Coaches meetings. 
•     Maintains appropriate certifications and training hours as required. 
•     Follows and maintains knowledge of all school policies and procedures. 
•     Assures a certified coach is present at all practices and games. 
•     Ensures that proper cleaning, storage, and maintenance of all athletic equipment and uniforms and updated inventories are adhered to. 
•     Arranges, in conjunction with the Athletic Director, transportation for athletic participants. 
•     Arranges hotel room reservations for all overnight events except State competitions. 
•     Checks and secures all office, storage room, outside doors, locker rooms and all lights after last player leaves after games and practices (Head Coach may delegate this responsibility to an Assistant Coach). 
•     Maintains a safe environment and facilities for student athletes at all times. 
•     Ensures that medical and safety requirements are adhered to. 
•     All school employees have some responsibility for supervising students and assisting in maintaining a safe environment. 
•     Supervise and control athletes while traveling to and from games during practice and competition 
•     Travels with student athletes on the team bus both to and from games.  
•     Ensures supervision of students in locker rooms, at home and away games, and ensures appropriate behavior. 
•     The ability to meet the time commitment of this position without conflict to other duties or responsibilities. 
•     Issue and maintain athletic equipment 
•     Assist in the supervision and maintenance of home playing area 
•     Ensures that appropriate rules and regulations regarding the conduct and eligibility of athletic activities and athletes are explained and followed. 
•     Ensures that medical and safety requirements are adhered to.
To Apply:  Applications and information may be obtained from Biggs Unified School District, 300 B Street, Biggs, CA 95917, or  
Equal Opportunity Employer
Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers

 NOTE:  If you have an application on file from a previous position, you may request that application be pulled for the current position. Job announcements and applications may be obtained at the Administration Building at 300 B Street in Biggs, or All application materials must be received by the deadline.  For more information please call (530) 868-1281, X250 for the Human Resources office.

 *  Substitute Teachers:  Please stop by for an employment packet.  You must be registered with Butte County Office of Education.  Bring to our office proof of citizenship (driver license and social security card, etc.), CBEST, TB, and Credential/Temporary.
Thank you.
 Equal Opportunity Employer