Coaching Employment Opportunities

Temporary Athletic Team Coach 

Boys Varsity Basketball Coach - $1,908/season

Start Date: TBA 
The ideal candidate will hold a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in P.E. with English Learner Authorization.  The ideal candidate may be considered for a full-time position for the 2018/2019 school year.
Position Description: As Head Varsity Coach, implement a successful system, participate in off-field, evening and weekend, and supervise students in a firm, fair, and consistent manner as directed by the Administrator in charge of athletics. . 

Job Goal: To help each participating student achieve a high level of skill, and appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship, and an increased level of self-esteem.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Personal Qualities  Maintain a neat and clean appearance; meet District standards for physical and mental health; demonstrate enthusiasm towards coaching assignment: demonstrate ability to maintain cooperative relations with others, model characteristics desired for sportsmanlike conduct.
2. Professional Recommendations  Better than average recommendations from supervisors, from professionals who have observed and evaluated the personal characteristics, scholastic attainment, classroom performance, and coaching expertise of the candidate.
3. Experience  Head Coach: 1-2 years assistant varsity coach, or 2 years junior varsity head coach, or equivalent.  
4. Must have/obtain valid First Aid and CPR cards, or EMT I or II card, or Trainer's Certification prior to employment, current TB and fingerprint clearance, and must meet Athletic Team Coach Qualifications and competencies as required by the California Code of Regulations 5593 (Title 5) and Biggs Unified School District policy. 
5. Must have current California Driver license and adequate transportation to perform duties.

Definition (Title 5): All coaches must have:
1. Knowledge and competence in care and prevention of athletic injuries, basic first aid and emergency.
2. Knowledge of coaching techniques.
3. Knowledge of rules and regulations in the athletic activity being coached.
4. Training in child or adolescent psychology whichever is appropriate to the grade level of the involved sports activity; such as prior active involvement with youth in a school or community sports program.

Performance Responsibilities:
1. Establishes standards, oversees conduct, and monitors student progress for the entire district basketball program, including Junior Varsity (JV) teams.
2. Supervises and advises all basketball coaches, varsity, JV, etc., with general direction from the Administrator in charge of Athletics.
3. Coaches individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in the sport involved, under the direction of the Administrator in charge of athletics.
4. Maintains necessary attendance forms, insurance records, and similar paperwork.
5. Oversees the safety conditions of the facility or area in which assigned sport is conducted at all times that students are present.
6. Establishes and enforces performance criteria for eligibility in interscholastic competition in his/her sport.
7. Enforces discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, and establishes and oversees penalties for breach of such standards by individual students, as directed by the Administrator in charge of athletics.
8. Plans and schedules a regular program of practice in season as assigned by the Administrator in charge of athletics.
9. Works closely with the athletics director in scheduling intramural and interscholastic contests as assigned by the Administrator in charge of athletics.
10. Recommends purchase of equipment, supplies, and uniforms, as assigned by the Administrator in charge of athletics.
11. Attend and/or participate in District-sponsored or other approved activities, clinics or training related to the sport.

Evaluation:  The Administrator in charge of Athletics will evaluate performance.

To Apply:  Edjoin.ord or an application may be picked up at the District Office, 300 B Street, Biggs, or call 868-1281 x250.  

Deadline:  Open until filled after that date