Certificated Employment Opportunities

PRINCIPAL for the 2017/2018 school year


The District is seeking a highly motivated instructional leader for the Biggs and Richvale Elementary Schools 2017/2018 school year.  This individual must be a person who can articulate and implement a vision of a learning environment that maintains a strong academic curriculum while establishing a relevant, affective program.  S/he must be student oriented, a talented facilitator, and goal directed. An essential skill will be an ability to collaborate with all facets of the educational community to set objectives, develop action plans, and resolve problems.

Biggs Elementary School has approximately 400 students enrolled with a staff of 19 teachers, and various ancillary personnel.  Richvale Elementary School has approximately 40 students enrolled with a staff of 2 teachers who share lead teacher responsibilities, provide general direction and manage discipline.


All applications will be held in strict confidence and are to be sent to:
Doug Kaelin
Biggs Unified School District
300 B Street
Biggs, CA  95917
Telephone: (530)868-1281, 250

All papers must be received on or before August 28, 2017

All candidates must provide the following items on or before the deadline.

* A personal letter of application. The letter should give reasons for being interested in the position at Biggs and Richvale Elementary Schools.
* A completed application provided by the District for an administrative position. ( pdf )  ( word )
* Three letters of recommendation.
* Administrative Credential (copy)


Professional Preparation and Experience:
. A Valid California Administrative Credential is preferred
. A Master's Degree is preferred
. Successful administrative experience
. Successful teaching experience

Personal Characteristics:
. A person who has a reputation of integrity, honesty and trust and who exemplifies the highest professional and ethical behavior.
. A caring person who possesses interpersonal skills, empathy and understanding of the needs of others.
. A person who knows, understands and relates to young people.
. A person experienced in working effectively with student/staff committees to develop a positive, spirited school climate.
. A person who is decisive, action oriented, and who considers program improvement to be a number one priority.
. A person who will demonstrate enthusiastic participation in the district and community with a high visibility profile.

Professional Skills and Abilities:
. A person who has a strong curriculum and instruction background.
. A person who has a demonstrated record of prioritizing the education of students first.
. A person who can resolve problems in a collaborative manner and who can persevere to see the solutions put in practice.
. A person who possesses knowledge of state standards and understands current educational theory and instructional techniques.
. A demonstrated ability to manage school finances and resources.
. A demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with the staff, students, and community.
. Ability to create an atmosphere which fosters academic excellence and positive self-esteem.
. Ability to select, motivate and effectively evaluate personnel.
. An educational leader and manager with a vision of where the school might go and what the school might become.
. A person experienced in high school administration, who demonstrates an understanding of the developmental needs of that age group.
. An ability to create and maintain a clear, firm, fair, and consistent discipline program.
. An ability to complete tasks successfully; sometimes with tight timelines.
. A person who will be knowledgeable and supportive of all school programs and activities.
. A person with effective, professional writing skills.


All applications will be reviewed by a screening committee headed by the Superintendent.  The finalists will be selected by the Committee to proceed in the interview process.


The District offers a competitive salary schedule and benefit package.


Biggs, with a population of 1,793 is situated in the Southwestern area of Butte County, California.  It lays 60 miles North of Sacramento, the State Capitol, and 12 miles west of Oroville, Butte County seat, and a three-hour drive from the City of San Francisco.

The school district encompasses 135 square miles, which includes the communities of Biggs and Richvale and is in the heart of a rich agricultural area. Primary crops are rice, walnuts, almonds, prunes, pumpkins, vegetables and some citrus fruits.

The Oroville Dam is the world's largest earth-filled embankment with a shoreline of 167 miles. The Sacramento and Feather Rivers, together with their tributaries, contribute not only an ample supply of water for domestic, agricultural and industrial need, but also combine with the numerous lakes to provide wonderful recreational opportunities.  

California State University Chico is 25 miles north, Butte College is 15 miles northeast and Yuba College is 25 miles south of the Biggs community.

The Unified School District has a current ADA of 600 students.

The school's instructional divisions are TK-8, and 9-12 grades.  Biggs Elementary and Senior High School are situated in Biggs while Richvale Elementary is in Richvale, about 7 miles north of Biggs. The high school is currently administered by the principal and the two elementary schools are under the direction of one principal.

The educational program includes special day classes, resource specialist programs, SIP and Title I.  Each school presently receives the services of a librarian, speech pathologist, psychologist, and behavior health counselor. 

The two elementary schools are supported by very active parent clubs that donate heavily to the schools.  They recently purchased 250 chrome books for students.

The present annual budget is approximately $6,000,000.

Substitute Teachers

 NOTE:  If you have an application on file from a previous position, you may request that application be pulled for the current position. Job announcements and applications may be obtained at the Administration Building at 300 B Street in Biggs, or www.biggs.org. All application materials must be received by the deadline.  For more information please call (530) 868-1281, X250 for the Human Resources office.

 *  Substitute Teachers:  Please stop by for an employment packet.  You must be registered with Butte County Office of Education.  Bring to our office proof of citizenship (driver license and social security card, etc.), CBEST, TB, and Credential/Temporary.
Thank you.
 Equal Opportunity Employer