Provisional Board Member
Linda Brown
Provisional Board Member Linda Brown
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, on December 31, 2019, a vacancy opened on the Board of Trustees of the Biggs Unified School District.  The vacancy was duly appropriately advertised.  Three candidates applied for the position and were interviewed by the Biggs Unified School District Board of Trustees.   Linda Brown was selected as a Provisional Board Member and was sworn in on February 13, 2020.  This term will run through the next regularly scheduled election in November of 2020.
This is an official public notice that Linda Brown has been provisionally appointed to the Biggs Unified School District Board of Trustees, effective February 13, 2020.  Unless a petition calling for a special election, containing a sufficient number of signatures, is filed in the office of County Superintendent of Schools within 30 days of the date of provisional appointment, it shall become an effective appointment.  (EC 5092)

School Board

Board of Trustees
Jonna Phillips, President (Rep to LCAP Comm. & BUTA and CSEA)
M. America Navarro, Vice President (Rep to Foundation)
Dennis G. Slusser, Clerk (Rep. to BUTA)
Kathryn Sheppard, Member (Member Rep to CSEA)
Linda Brown, Member (Rep to City Council)

Board Governance

Board Governance Handbook updated 11/01/2017