-Tim Sheridan-


Algebra I, Algebra II, Geomentry, Trignometry


Biggs High School, 300 B Street, Biggs Ca. 95917, Phone 530 868-5825  

ext 303   Room 21   e-mail: tsherida@biggs.org




This year, it will be my seventh year teaching at Biggs High. The highlights of my time here are coaching the JV, and Varsity Girl's Basketball teams, as well as teaching a year of golf.

I like to go camping, hiking, fishing and swimming, and I love to spend time with my family, especially my three kids; my sons and daughter. The oldest is Jack, and he's seven; my daughter Ellie is five, and my youngest is Charlie, who is one.

-Some Links of Interest-

The Warriors, my favorite basketball team.

Interactive Peg Problem, and other Mathematical Anomalies. Have fun! (Note: May time out.)

I like golf.