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Biggs Elementary School

Committed To Excellence!


Welcome to Biggs Elementary School. We are so proud of our school. It truly is the heart of our community. We are now a Kindergarten - 8th grade elementary and continue to grow as we go forward in many positive ways while working together as put so eloquently in our mission statement:


"Biggs Elementary School, staff and community are committed to creating a safe, positive environment where academic excellence is promoted and individual growth is celebrated. All students will become lifelong learners who will value education and accept their social and global responsibilities."

Our schools are nestled in a beautiful agricultural wonderland. Our families go back for generations. Many parents and their parents also went through this great school system.

The staff and employees, many of whom live within the District, are dedicated to the safety of the children, creating a positive environment where children can grow academically and socially. We are changing to self-contained middle school classes that allows for a more intimate setting, and teachers that will be able to give individual guidance to our growing citizens.

Please come visit our schools when you are in the community. See for yourself what makes our wonderful community so great.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please visit our classrooms and see first hand all the exciting learning that is taking place here. Biggs is a wonderful community and Biggs Elementary School is at the heart of it.


Maxine Hamblin, Lead Teacher